Sleep in a Bed, Not a Bag

Our Two-Piece Sleep System Lets You Sleep in Any Position, Just Like Your Bed at Home

A Zenbivy bed is not a mummy bag or a quilt—it's a bed. Built like your bed at home with a sheet below you and a quilt above, our patented design allows for the most comfortable night’s sleep in the backcountry, without constriction and without drafts. It's the only complete backcountry sleep system on the market that's draft-free, lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and warm.

Other Quilts Can’t Compare; Our Patented Design Blocks Drafts Without Adding Constriction

With Zenbivy’s patented 2-piece design, the quilt attaches to a lightweight sheet with built-in draft shield. This unique combination allows the quilt to “float” naturally above you all the while keeping it tucked at your sides and around your shoulders to block all drafts without adding any constriction.


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