Get Some Good Sleep This Summer

Sleep in a Bed, Not a Bag

A Zenbivy bed is not a mummy bag or a quilt—it's a bed. Built like your bed at home with a sheet below you and a quilt above, our patented 2-piece design allows for the most comfortable and natural night’s sleep outdoors, without constriction and without drafts.

It's the only complete backcountry-worthy sleep system on the market that's draft-free, lightweight, versatile, and warm. Other quilts and sleeping bags just can't compare.

"I slept like a baby. Literally as comfortable as I do in my bed at home.”

- Gary

"Good sleep while camping has always felt like a pipe dream, but not anymore thanks to Zenbivy!”

- Abigail

"I am one happy camper. Most bed-like backcountry sleeping experience I’ve found so far."

- Christopher

"Light weight? Check. Comfortable? Check. Warm? Check. Swapping from a sleeping bag to the Zenbivy was a great choice!"

- Matt

"When they said closest thing to sleeping in bed, it is no lie. It is an amazing system. Well worth the money."

- Todd

Which Bed Is Right for You?

From ultralight backcountry trips to luxury car camping, we've got the perfect bed for every outdoor adventure.

  • Ultralight Bed

    NEW! The premium Ultralight Bed is our lightest and most packable bed, built for ultralight backpackers.

  • Light Bed

    NEW! The performance-focused Light Bed is built for backpackers looking to carry minimal weight without sacrificing comfort.

  • Zenbivy Bed

    The Zenbivy Bed is our original, full-featured zippered bed that prioritizes providing maximum comfort and convenience.