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How It’s Different

Mummy bags are constricting. Quilts are drafty. A Zenbivy bed is not a mummy bag or a quilt—it's a bed that's built just like your bed at home with a sheet below you, a quilt above, and a headboard for your pillow.

Why It’s Better

Our patented 2-piece design lets you sleep in any position, free from drafts and constriction, in the widest range of temperatures. A Zenbivy bed is the only complete backcountry sleeping "bag" on the market that's draft-free, lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and warm. There's simply no comparison!

How It Works

With Zenbivy’s patented 2-piece design, the quilt attaches to a lightweight sheet with built-in draft shield. This unique combination allows the quilt to “float” naturally above you while keeping it tucked at your sides and around your shoulders to block all drafts without adding any constriction.

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Which Bed Is Right for You?

From ultralight backcountry trips to luxury car camping, we've got the perfect bed for every outdoor adventure.

  • Ultralight Bed

    NEW! The premium Ultralight Bed is our lightest and most packable bed, built for ultralight backpackers.

  • Light Bed

    NEW! The performance-focused Light Bed is built for backpackers looking to carry minimal weight without sacrificing comfort.

  • Zenbivy Bed

    The Zenbivy Bed is our original, full-featured zippered bed that prioritizes providing maximum comfort and convenience.