Zenbivy’s 2-Piece Design

Zenbivy's patented 2-piece design blocks all drafts and eliminates all constriction, letting you sleep just as comfortably in the backcountry as you do in your bed at home.

The Problem With Quilt Straps

All other backpacking quilts rely on straps to attach the quilt to your mattress. Sure, they are light, but they are also drafty, letting cold air in between the attachment points when you move or turn over.

Zenbivy’s 2-Piece Solution

Zenbivy sleep systems are built like your bed at home, with 2 pieces—a sheet below you and a quilt above. Our unique, patented design allows the quilt to “float” naturally above you while shielding you from drafts, so you can move freely and sleep comfortably. Scroll down to learn how it works!

How It Works

  • Together, the hood and side panels of the sheet create a draft shield around you. The quilt is clipped to the draft shield, guiding the corners up into the hood to seal in warmth around your neck and shoulders. 

  • The attachment points on the quilt are set in so that the quilt backs either side panel. This ensures the quilt stays "tucked" at your sides to block drafts as you move or turn over.

  • The draft shield functions as a hinge, allowing the quilt to "float" naturally above you, relieving all constriction while blocking all drafts. Our patented design gives you space when you need it, yet the quilt is always free to wrap snuggly around you.